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7 Vignettes Challenge – January 2014

7 Vignettes is an Instagram photo challenge where the idea is to create and photograph a little scene (vignette) that tells a story, in response to a daily word that is given.  It is run for the first week of each month.  It’s really just for fun though there is a prize each month for the winner.  So what is a vignette?  Read on…

7Vignettes is brought to you each month by Jen at Interior Addicts, and she sets the theme for the seven days and organises the whole thing.  It’s lots of fun, especially if you fancy yourself as a bit of a stylist (or wannabe) so jump in and enjoy the fun!  A vignette is simply an artful arrangement of objects, that tell a story or have a theme.

So here are my photos for the January 2014 7 Vignettes challenge:


Day 1: ONE

These numbers are printed on the trampoline at my cousin’s house, where we are house-sitting in Melbourne (going home to Canberra tomorrow). Wearing my pink fluffy slippers that my daughter got me for Christmas, keeping my toes toasty! This is my first time doing #7vignettes!


Day 2: NEW

A few new things from our Melbourne holiday. White jug and plastic straws from IKEA, yellow hot chocolate mug from Officeworks and Aqua Spikey from Smiggle.



This year my husband Paul and I will celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary and our 18 year “going out” anniversary. The Chilli is there because it is still hot and spicy, haha. The little photo shows us in the middle on our wedding day (we ditched tradition with the clothes we all wore). Also our best woman Yvie, and best man Rob who sadly died almost a year ago. Best friends forever. xoxo



Some of my daughter’s FAVOURITE GIFTS for the #7vignettes challenge. Two iceskating Beanie Kids, brightly coloured nail polish, a pink weekly notepad, a hot chocolate mug in her fave colour, and sachets with a cute mini whisk (from Officeworks) and a brooch that I made.


 Day 5: PAIR

A pair of white ceramic vases from IKEA, a pair of fascinators, a pair of stencil tapes, a pair of glasses, and a pair of necklaces that my daughter Emma and I made at the Melbourne Now exhibition. No real theme, just things that made a nice arrangement.



Hangover, what hangover?!? Just keep going! I wanted to do something a bit different to all the water and Berocca shots. So I did essentials for the night before. Blue stickers showing how you might end up, given to me by Rosie X (the original Geekgirl) years ago, an E money purse, sunnies, Bonjela for tomorrow’s mouth ulcers, lipgloss, can of V, chewing gum, water bottle, toilet paper (the portaloos always run out so grab a box when you first get there) and lastly, a battery operated fan to keep your cool. Didn’t have a ChupaChup or I would have included one (or 10) of those too.


Day 7: FRESH

A fresh and healthy start to 2014 for me. Water bottle, ruby red grapefruit juice with blue IKEA plastic straw, RunKeeper app with armband and earphones, grapes, blueberries, strawberries and vanilla bean yoghurt from five:am.


 January 2014 – 7 Vignettes

First-timer and I just LOVED doing the #7vignette photo challenge, could you tell? Here they all are together.



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