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Anthony Calvert – Field Trip Sydney 2012

I recently went to the wonderful Field Trip in Sydney (put on by the Jacky Winter group) and all this week I’m going to be highlighting some of my favourite presenters.

Today I want to show you some of Anthony Calvert‘s work.  I was super-excited to hear him talk about growing up in Canberra and even studying at University of Canberra, like me!  Go Canberra!

From Jacky Winter’s page on Anthony:

Anthony Calvert is a Sydney-based illustrator who specialises in technical illustration.  Inspired by old car manuals, airline safety cards and a shoebox of lego instructions, his carefully researched drawings are often subverted with subtle humour. Clarity of line gives his illustrations a modern, contemporary edge.

Formally trained as a graphic designer, Anthony has worked in the publishing industry for 8 years. As a former art director he understands the importance of creativity, communication and completing illustrations on time and within budget.


It was great to see Anthony’s work and hear him talk about the process behind creating the pieces.  At lunch time, tons of people with the Field Trip wristbands were seen heading a block away to a cafe for lunch, so I followed them.  Waiting in line, I saw Anthony and his proud mum who had come up from Canberra to hear him speak.  I chatted with them and told them I was from Canberra too.  I know, heady stuff.

See much more of Anthony’s work at Jacky Winter.


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