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Hello! Nice to see you. I’m Jen Leheny, a blogger / designer / letterer / photographer / maker / crafter / creator in Canberra, Australia.

Welcome to Red Instead, where I blog about creativity, design, craft and DIY. I also make and sell things in my online shop. I hope you enjoy your visit! – Jen

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Food Photos For January 2014

Food Photos for January 2014

I might be one of those annoying people who likes to take a photo of their lunch or dinner before eating it. Is it a great way to practice food photography? Is it appreciation of food styling and presentation? Is it a way to remember some amazing meals? Is it annoying? For me, taking photos of my food is all of the above!
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Richard Avedon Exhibition

Richard Avedon exhibition

The work of Richard Avedon is perhaps most readily associated with intimate images of very famous people. These portraits of 20th century superstars are well known because they resist the idealisation of celebrity and reveal the humanness of revered individuals.
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