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Flutter – Field Trip Sydney 2012

I recently went to the wonderful Field Trip in Sydney (put on by the Jacky Winter group) and all this week I’m going to be highlighting some of my favourite presenters.

From their website:  Flutter is the full-service animation house which combines the vast array of artistic genius from within the ranks of The Jacky Winter Group with the award winning design & direction talents of motion graphics and animation specialists 21-19.  Here is a quick showreel / intro video of some Flutter work:

Unfortunately, the project they talked about and showed this year is still not up on their website so I can’t grab any pics or video but it was fantastic to see the process and research that went into the 12 Days of Christmas interactive display at the Casino in Melbourne.  So…  I will show some of this instead…

I went to Field Trip in Melbourne last year as well and at that time, their presentation was all about this amazing ad for Telstra:

I can watch it over and over – I just love those little blocky people!  Here is a bit more…


21-19 say on their Vimeo site:

Founded by designers Ryan Guppy and Domenico Bartolo, 21-19 is an award winning design and communications agency based in Melbourne, Australia. Working both locally and internationally our intent is to partner with business to establish powerful communications and brand identities.

Our passion, our drive for creative excellence and our attention to the detail are self evident in everything we do.

See much more at the Flutter projects and 21-19 websites.


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