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Food Photos for January 2014

I might be one of those annoying people who likes to take a photo of their lunch or dinner before eating it. Is it a great way to practice food photography? Is it appreciation of food styling and presentation? Is it a way to remember some amazing meals? Is it annoying? For me, taking photos of my food is all of the above!

Here are some of the best eats that I had in January.

Sweet treats and healthy meals, all in moderation!  🙂

We were lucky enough to have Yvie make us a baked cheesecake when we visited Melbourne for Christmas / New Year. She made the base from roasted hazelnuts. She made it over an afternoon while we all sat and chatted and so I snapped a few photos of the process as she put it all together.  All made by hand, even the berry coulis. It was amazing! So yummy! Thanks Yvie and Dan!


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