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Gemma O’Brien – Field Trip Sydney 2012

I recently went to the wonderful Field Trip in Sydney (put on by the Jacky Winter group) and all this week I’m going to be highlighting some of my favourite presenters.

They say that every designer has a crush on Gemma O’Brien and I can see why.  Her energy and enthusiasm are infectious and she bounces around the stage, shouting out to the audience in such a friendly, fun way.  She does awesome typographical work too!

From her Portfolio page at the Loop:

Gemma O’Brien is a designer based in Sydney working primarily with hand-drawn lettering, typography, graphic design, illustration and art direction for motion graphics.

Over the past four years she has created work for clients including The New York Times, Smirnoff, Canon, Ferrero: Mon Cheri, ABC3, Bob Hawke, and Julia Stone. Her work has been published in books and magazines including Grafik, Graphic Design Referenced, Just My Type, Form Magazine, Frankie and Slanted Magazine.


Gemma does such interesting and amazing work with type and letters, and it was so great to see her speak and show the process behind the work.

See much more of Gemma O’Brien’s work at her blog For the Love of Type.


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