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How to draw fashion girls using stencils

I have been having fun drawing fashion girls with this great kit – Sketch Portfolio Fashion Designer from StudioGirl.

There are three different kits you can buy – each one comes with paper that is printed with a faint outline of the body shape in different poses as well as a set of stencils that you position over the outlines, trace then colour and add your fashion design magic.

They are designed for kids but I say, don’t let that stop you!  If you are looking to start drawing or improve your skills, these kits are a lot of fun and will give you great results.

I use a black fineliner for the outlines and twistable crayons to add colour.

There are a few different options and once you get the feel of it, you will be able to combine the stencils or for instance, use just the skirt from a dress stencil and pair it with the bodice design from another stencil to create your own fashion styles.

It’s superfun to add the little details like bags or hairstyles, jewellery and fabric patterns.

These drawings sets are so much fun, whether you buy them for your kids or keep them to yourself, like I have!

I even used one of my drawings within a flatlay / knolling photo that I took recently at Instagram on the theme of “fashion” and I think it turned out quite well.

Here’s another detail shot – the photo above was inspired by the colours on this purple button necklace that I made (which you can buy in my handmade store).

You can see more of my Instagram photos here: @redinstead

I’m an adult trying to teach myself how to draw and illustrate and I’m not above using tools designed for children.  I’m going to be featuring some other books and tools I use in future blog posts too.  Here are some that might be useful to you.


Do you like to draw?  Do you find it comes naturally or you have to work at it?  What kind of tools or books would you recommend to other new artists?  Let me know in the comments below.

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