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How to Embed a Post from Facebook to your Blog

Did you know that you can now embed a post from Facebook, directly into your blog or website?  It comes across with all the comments and likes and I’m going to show you how to do it.

First you have to find the post from Facebook that you want to embed into your website.  Click the little down arrow that appears when you hover over the top right corner:

This brings up a box and you need to choose “Embed Post” like this:

Then another box will pop up and it will have the code that you need to copy into your blog or website.  It also shows a preview of how the embedded post will look.

Put that code into your website and you have embedded a Facebook Post.  This could be really handy for extending your blog reach over to your Facebook Page or the other way around.  This will work on ANY Public post – this means you can embed a post from any Page that might be useful to your blog audience – it doesn’t have to be from your own Page!  You can also embed a video from Facebook too.

There is more info about embedded posts from Facebook here and here.

Did you know that you can also embed Tweets into your blog or website?  I will cover embedding posts from Twitter in another post soon.

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