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Inspiration for Web Designers from Pattern Tap

PatternTap is a place where web designers can find inspiration and study patterns of user interaction. It’s an amazing resource to keep up with the freshest ideas in the design world.  You can search by elements and styles and set filters.  I was looking for some inspiration for headers and found these:

Above is from – I like the large header (the question) and the elegant nav elements at the top.  I also like the hand-drawn element above the Home button.


Above is from – I like the tabbed nav buttons, colour pallette and the clean feel.


Above is from – I like the coloured and differently sized tabbed nav and the clean styling.


Designers don’t design in a vacuum. They find inspiration and influence from the world around them. They collect other designs besides their own. Designs they love. Designs they hate. They pore over these designs, picking them apart to understand the techniques behind them, learning what works and doesn’t work. That’s what Pattern Tap is all about, collecting specific designs and patterns of user interaction. It’s a living classroom, where designers learn what is working well on the Web and why.

What kind of resources do you use to find inspiration for your web design work?

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