Lino Printing Tutorial

How to do lino printing – step by step tutorial

In the photo below, you can see the lino cutting board, which stops the lino from slipping and is much safer. Also pictured is the lino printing ink (orange!) and a brayer (the roller, used to ink the lino) and a baren (used to press the paper).

The baren was really expensive (about $40) but it does a great job.
lino print - step 1
I used a plastic spatula to put some ink onto a plastic overhead projector sheet and used the brayer to roll the ink out. I think I put too much ink on the plastic as the brayer picked up too much ink, but I got the hang of it soon enough.
lino print - step 2
You can see the lino all inked up here:
lino print - step 3
The term “pulling a print” is used because you are “pulling” the ink from the lino on to the paper which is on top. So you put your paper or card carefully over the inked lino and use the baren to press it down all over. If you were all set up then you would use a paper press for this step but the baren does a great job and I think a paper press costs a little bit more than $40.
lino print - step 5
While rubbing the paper with the baren, I was a bit nervous, wondering if I had put too much/too little ink on the lino, was I pressing too hard etc. It turned out okay though…
lino print - step 6
I ought to cut a new lino of this picture because there are places that I messed up when cutting (the branch looks funny for one thing) but here is the print.
lino print - step 7
These are a couple of test prints I did of another carved block – Dressform in black and red ink:
Lino Print - Sewing Machine and Dress Form
Here is the block that I cut for the Dressform print:
Lino Block Print - Dress Form Here are a couple more sewing themed lino prints that I did – Sewing Machine and Dressform:
Lino Print - Sewing Machine
Lino Print - Dress Form

I know, my lino cutting skills could do with some work but you get the idea!  Have fun Lino Printing!

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