Red Instead

Logo: Traced from Sketch

Have you ever wondered how a logo is created?  Usually it all starts with a rough drawing which is then scanned into Illustrator to be traced and finalised. You can see in this sketch that the lines and blue guidelines weren’t straight or even, but it’s enough to work on and complete a finished logo.



First I did a quick trace in Illustrator using the Pen Tool, then I used a series of Guides within the program so that I could get my lines straight and the thicknesses of the letters standardised.  I then tidied the piece up and produced the finished logo.


In the image below you can see the finished trace overlaid on top of the sketch for comparison.


I also worked on another version, with a smaller version of the leaf icon.   I placed the icon next to the word to form a more unified shape and rotated it so that the arrows were pointing upwards.  The icon loses its meaning as a leaf in this usage, but takes on a new meaning of moving forward.


So now you have an insight into the process of logo creation.

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