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Photo Inspiration – Hats for Women

You might have seen my photos of Canberra model Lara Schroeder at my photography portfolio site, wearing a simple black hat.  You can get some great looks in your portrait photography with a basic prop such as a hat, and I’ve collected some fantastic inspiration images for you below.


These are my photos of Canberra model Lara Schroeder above, and yes she’s wearing a very cute little skirt as well but this is about the hat!

Hats can be a great focus of an image, especially for fashion or concept shoots.  Here are some inspiration pics for you:

[link for above – Natalia Warner]


[link for above – Sasha Pivovarova]


[link for above – ? ]


[link for above – John French, a top London fashion photographer from the 50s and 60s]


[link for above – from Jill Roberts Boutique]



A hat can really bring something extra to a photo shoot – what do you think of hats?  Do you wear them?  Do you use them in photoshoots?  I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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