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Photo Retouching and Invitation: 50th Anniversary

I’m so proud to say that my parents celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary in May 2010.  They organised a party to mark the occasion and invited lots of old friends and family members to share the celebration and they asked me to design the invitation for them.

As part of designing the invitation to the party, one of the things I had to do was to scan and retouch a beautiful old photo from their wedding day.  Here are my happy parents – after retouching:

Here you can see the faded and scratched photo, before retouching.  I also had to remove the other people from the shot, including a friend of theirs whose face is visible behind and through the veil.  My dad was an officer in the Army so he was married in his dress uniform.

It was such fun working on these, especially on the photo.  It is so beautiful to see their faces just lit up with excitement and happiness…  so young and just beginning their life together.  It was a different time and it seems so romantic.  So happy to say that they are still as happy 50 years later!

Do you have any old family photos that need a lift? Red Instead can bring your treasured mementos and memories back to life.

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