Flyer: Phoenix Evolutioneering

Graphic Design by Red Instead - Event Flyer for Phoenix Evolutioneering

Client: Phoenix Evolutioneering
Brief: Event Flyer

Phoenix Evolutioneering  needed a flyer to advertise their upcoming workshop event for expat spouses who are new to Canberra.  I designed an A4 flyer to detail the speakers and content of the workshop.

While designing, I needed to keep in mind that this flyer was primarily going to be emailed to embassies and other similar groups and they would then print these out for their noticeboards, or to hand out to those they came into contact with in their line of work who may be interested.

For this reason, I needed to be mindful of the limitations of office printers and copiers and design accordingly so that excess toner was not needed, the flyer would work in black and white if needed, and that there was a clear white margin around the flyer as many office machines won’t print to the edge of the page.

I also prepared a version better suited to emailing or for downloading from a website, and this interactive version featured clickable links within the PDF.