Logo: Viva Handmade

Client: Viva Handmade
Brief: Logo for business that sells handmade accessories 

Leanne from Viva Handmade had played around in a graphics program at home and had sort of come up with a design for her new business but she wasn’t completely happy with it, and more importantly she didn’t know how to get it into the right format required for professional printing, so she came to me for help.  I took her ideas and gave her a professional design for her handmade accessories business.

Whenever I design a logo for a client, I also produce a CD/DVD with all of their artwork and design information on it, so that they can keep a copy for whenever they may need it in the future. One of the things on that disc is the colour information for the logo – these codes can be used to exactly match the brand colours for print or web design, so that the orange and blue for Viva Handmade will always be just the right shades.

I also designed business cards for Viva Handmade.