Jen Leheny - Designer and Photographer in Canberra, Australiahi I’m Jen Leheny and I’m the owner / designer / photographer at Red Instead, a small business that helps other businesses put their best foot forward with a professional image and identity. Red Instead provides graphic design, web design and development, and photography services in Canberra and beyond.

Talk to me if you need a logo, business card, postcard, brochure, blog or website professionally designed for your business so that you can send the right message to your customers.  I can help you with your photography, online marketing and social media too.

I have been building and coding websites, designing graphics and taking photos for over ten years. I’d love to help you take your business to the next level with a professional image and identity.

Before I begin, I spend time finding out about your business and what you need so that I can deliver the best solution. I really listen to my clients and do everything I can to meet your needs so that you can get on with running your business.

I understand that effective design is more than just making it look good – your design works for your business and gets results.

Red Instead can design and print a range of products for your business to give you the look that will set you apart from the rest.

After consultation with you, I can design anything you require and even can arrange the printing as well to save you the trouble.  I know how to talk to printers and I can arrange delivery of your product to your door.

Red Instead can design and print business cards, postcards, flyers and more, and give them all a consistent style so that your customers know exactly who you are and what you do.

Graphic Design by Red Instead - Poster for Brilliant Idea
Graphic Design by Red Instead - Business Cards for Classy Glass Designs
Graphic Design by Red Instead - Brochure for Canberra Region Premium Tours
Graphic Design by Red Instead - Business Cards Swing Tags for Viva Handmade
Graphic Design by Red Instead for Benedict House Three Young Italians Lunch Flyer Event

Some great options for your business:

Business Cards: one of the most basic and yet most important items for a business, one- or two-sided, matt or gloss
Flyers: in paper or heavier card, we can provide these in DL, A6, A5 or A4 size and non-standard sizes, one- or two-sided
Postcards: A6 standard postcard size, one- or two-sided, a great way to advertise your business
Print Advertising: We can design ads for press publication and we will liaise with the right people at the magazine or newspaper for you
and more… just ask!

Red Instead will work with you to design a logo for all of your business needs. Together, we can decide on the fonts, colours and style that will give a consistent look and feel for your business, and apply that branding to everything you do.

Red Instead can give your business a style all of its own and make sure that you get noticed.

Your business logo and identity are so important – you need to get them right.

Logo Design by Red Instead - for Viva Handmade
Logo Design by Red Instead - for Brilliant Idea
Logo Design by Red Instead - for Education with Intention - EWI
Logo Design by Red Instead - for Potz Natural Mineral Makeup
Logo Designed by Red Instead - for Classy Glass Designs
Logo Design by Red Instead - for Retrofied

When setting up your business you ought to think long and hard about your business name and the image that you want to give to your business. How do you want your clients to see you? How do you want your peers and competitors to see you? How do you want the media to see you? You will have many target audiences and your logo will need to be all things to all people.

A designer can help you translate the vision for your business into a graphical element that says exactly what you want it to. A designer will take into account colours and how we perceive them. You might be familiar with the idea of colours being associated with certain feelings – red for attention, blue is calming, and so on. You will need a logo that works well in colour and loses none of its meaning when rendered in black and white, say in a photocopied or faxed document.

A designer will also take into account the different ways that you will want to use your logo – both small and large. There are a great deal of logos that have been done by the teenage son of a friend who is “good with computers” and the logo looks almost unreadable at very small sizes, or it’s not scalable to very large sizes. You may only want business cards at this stage, but you may need an outdoor banner down the track.

Red Instead offers a range of photographic services including product photography, event photography, and portrait photography.

Session Fee includes photographer, professional equipment and expertise
Includes post-production techniques to give your photos that professional edge
Online Proofing gallery provided after photoshoot
Chosen images are provided on disc: high resolution (print) and low resolution (web) copy of each image – prints are extra (if required)
Detailed retouching, removal of background, colour changes and other advanced Post Production can also be done if required (but will be charged extra)

Product Photography

Would you like to have your products professionally photographed so that they can be used in your promotional materials or on your website? I can photograph a few or a few hundred of your products and can provide finished copies to you on disc for web or print usage.

I suggest taking all shots on an evenly lit plain white background, but I’m quite happy to work with you to fit your style.  For some purposes, a styled shot is better and I can produce a beautiful setup to complement your product.  I can take macro shots of small items such as jewellery and can use a glossy surface to show reflections.

Product Photography by Red Instead - for Classy Glass Designs
Product Photography by Red Instead - for Poppy, Bean and Bloss
Product Photography by Red Instead - for Erica Soy Candles

Event Photography

I can come to your event to capture all the important people and goings on. I will come for an agreed time and record all of the special moments of your big day – whether it’s a product launch, meeting, market, party, lunch or something else. Following the event, you will receive a selection of photos to choose from and then I will arrange to give you the finished files on disc.

I suggest thinking about the specifics of the event that you would like recorded.  These will vary depending on what type of event it is, but might include all speeches, the CEO posing with specific people, food and room decorations, staff group shot and so on.  This gives you a few different options to choose from.

Event Photography by Red Instead - for MissChief Maker High Tea
Event Photos by Red Instead - for Handmade Market at the Yarralumla Woolshed
Event Photos by Red Instead - for Tania McCartney's Book Launch of Riley and the Dancing Lion

Portraits and Corporate Headshots

I can come to your workplace (or another suitable location) to take formal head and shoulder shots of your staff members to be used in publications such as your website, Annual Report or brochures. I can set up the shots and post-process your images to suit your style: fun, serious, professional or something else.

I suggest taking some head and shoulder shots and some full length shots for variety.  Another good idea is to bring along two different jackets or perhaps a summery shirt and a winter coat so that you can use your photos during Summer and Winter.  This gives you a few different options to choose from.

Portrait Photography by Red Instead - for Owen Gill
Portrait Photography by Red Instead - for Sylvia Hicks
Corporate Headshot Portrait Photography by Red Instead for David Honner

Model Portfolios and Commercial Photography

I also like to take photos of models for their portfolio, set up fashion shoots and style vignettes in my own home. For more of this side of my photography, please visit

Portrait Corina Retter - Model Shoot Photography by Red Instead
Portrait Lara Schroeder - Model Shoot Photography by Red Instead
Portrait Charne Esterhuizen - Model Shoot Photography by Red Instead

Red Instead can set up a websiteblog, or shopping site for your business, non-profit or personal project and we can provide web hosting and look after your domain registration as well. I can add various features to suit you, such as a newsletter, forums, downloads, or integrated blog.  I can also provide full training in the use of your website so that you can manage it yourself.

I strongly suggest a Content Management System (CMS) for your website as these provide an easy way for you to add to and manage your new website without needing to know any complicated coding.

I like to use WordPress for websites, blogs, and small shopping sites and ZenCart or OpenCart for larger ecommerce stores.  I can provide you with a customised theme design and set it all up for you – then  I will provide training in how to use the administration area so that you feel comfortable and confident to manage your website on your own.  

Website designed by Red Instead - Bosom Buddies
Website design by Red Instead - for Take 5 Plus 2 Team and Fresh Food Friends
Website Design by Red Instead - for Classy Glass Designs
Website Design by Red Instead – for Brilliant Idea
Website Design by Red Instead - for Erica Soy Candles
Website Design by Red Instead - for Griffith Narrabundah Community Association GNCA

How does it work?

Before embarking on any web projects, I conduct a fact finding mission to see exactly what you are after and what style and size of website you require.  There is a range of web design options available to you, and I can help you decide which would best suit your business needs.

Some types of websites:

Web Presence
Static HTML page, design customised to suit your corporate look, your text and photos, your contact details

3 Page Web Presence
Static HTML page, design customised to suit your corporate look, your text and photos, 2 extra pages, eg a Contact Form, an About Us page (more pages can be added as you need them for an extra fee)

Design customised to suit your corporate look, your text and photos, setup of posts, comments, widgets and pages, training provided so that you can maintain and update via Admin area

Simple Shopping Site
Design customised to suit your corporate look, static HTML page linked to PayPal Add to Cart links, 2 static info pages, eg a Contact Form, an About Us page (more pages can be added as you need them for an extra fee)

Full E-Commerce Website
Design customised to suit your corporate look, full online catalogue with product, order and customer management via Admin area, Info pages, Support for sales, specials, featured products and so on, Nnproduct photos or we will take take them for an extra fee, training provided so that you can maintain via Admin area

Web Advertising
Banner ads, Blog ads, Promotional ads – I can liaise with ad provider to ensure correct size and format and design your ad to suit

and more

Domain Name Registration, Transfer and Renewals

I can advise you on key factors to consider when choosing your domain name and I can help you decide whether you should register a .com name or or both, depending on your business plan.

Your domain name needs to be easy to say, easy to spell and memorable – you don’t want your customers to go elsewhere because they can’t find you online!

I will also organise for the transfer of domain management from your current provider to Red Instead if required.  You retain all ownership of the name of course, I simply manage it for you to offer you some piece of mind and the security of knowing that it is being looked after by a local provider.

Website Hosting

Website Hosting is the provision of the space and serving of your files (the text, photos, videos, coding and so on that make up your website) so that your website is available to the public for viewing on the internet.

I prefer to consult with clients to find out exactly what you need for your web hosting and then tailor a package to suit you – this means that if you have a small website with not too many visitors, you will pay less than a business that is running a large or more popular website.

Having Red Instead manage your web hosting means that you have a trusted local supplier that you can call on during normal Australian business hours if you ever have any issues or questions to ask.  We pride ourselves on our great customer service and we take good care of your website.

Red Instead can talk to you about social networking and social marketing and what it could do for your business.

I can demystify Facebook and Twitter, and help you decide if you really need them as part of your marketing strategy – hint: yes, you probably do!

I can show you how to effectively use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn to drive interest and sales, and even set them up for you with a custom design to suit your branding.

Red Instead offers the following social media services:

Facebook Business Page setup and management
Facebook Timeline Cover, Landing Page and Custom Tabs
Facebook Fangate (Reveal) Pages
Twitter custom background and management
LinkedIn setup and management
YouTube setup and management
Pinterest setup and management
Instagram setup and management
  • Event Photography Jen Leheny attended the MissChief Maker High Tea as our resident photographer. She was incredibly professional, non-obtrusive to the patrons and took some delightful photos of the event. I would highly recommend Jen.
    -Katie Dawson
  • Event Flyer Design When I first approached Jen to create a flyer for my workshop, I had no idea what I wanted it to look like. It had to match my Corporate Identity, but apart from that, no clue. Jen was great at suggesting a style and developing the idea with me. I got back to her with changes several times and she was wonderfully patient, taking in my ideas and delivering very quickly and straight to the point. Loved her great customer service of getting back to me straight away, every single time. No delays, no waiting - great and accurate job. Will definitely come back for more!
    -Henrike Shreer
  • Event Photography Jen Leheny is a multi-tasking web/graphic designer and photographer whose talents also stretch into handmade products. Her Red Instead label began as a range of gorgeous hand-created items, and has blossomed into a thriving design and branding company. Jen has a fine eye for detail, is inherently creative and is able to apply herself fully to any task, with professionalism and flair. She is a warm, supportive and approachable person, who takes enormous pride in her work - and it shows. Jen has done some event photography for me and I have been delighted with her photographs and the support she has shown me
    -Tania McCartney
  • Event Photography I engaged Jen Leheny to take photographs at the launch of my book Riley and the Dancing Lion. Jen insisted upon knowing what kinds of shots I was after, of whom, what type of style, angles, etc. Then when it came to the actual event, Jen was prompt, unobtrusive, warm, enthusiastic and worked the room like magic, capturing moments that were unstaged, natural and thoughtful – exactly the types of photos I love the most. She also snapped plenty of fantastic ‘official’ photos, despite the challenge of a room full of helium balloons, and the resultant photos were absolutely beautiful. I wouldn’t hesitate to engage Jen’s photographic skills again.
    -Tania McCartney
  • Web Design Jen combines creative graphic design with a comprehensive understanding of product placement drawing on her background in IT and retail. Jen has a detailed eye for how a product can best be portrayed and follows that through with innovative web design. Jen created a dynamic place holder web page for us as an interim solution pending the development of a more comprehensive site. I'm looking forward to working again with Jen to develop that site in the near future.
    -Catherine Bridges
  • Logo, Poster, Website, Pop-up Banner Lighthouse appointed Jen Leheny from Red Instead as the graphic designer for Brilliant Idea, a website providing information about the ACT Women's Microcredit Program. Lighthouse is delivering this program with assistance from the ACT Government through the Department of Disability, Housing and Community Services, Office for Women. As a small business owner herself, we felt that Jen had a good understanding of our target market and designed accordingly. We are very happy with the website, logo and flyer she designed and found her very professional to deal with.
    -Anna Pino
  • Postcard: Classy Glass Designs
  • Product Photography: Childplay Toys
  • Website: Erica Soy Candles
  • Poster: Brilliant Idea
  • Business Cards: Motifs Embroidery Services
  • Portrait Photography: Owen Gill
  • Product Photography: Poppy, Bean and Bloss
  • Logo: Potz Natural Mineral Makeup
  • Portrait Photography: Jen Leheny
  • Flyer: Benedict House Easter Lunch
  • Website: Ozifelt
  • Event Photos: Canberra’s Handmade Market